Caribbean Park unveils first EV charging station

Melbourne’s award-winning office precinct, Caribbean Park, have unveiled their first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station in a partnership with global renewable energy company, ENGIE Australia & New Zealand, and are excited to be able to offer charging facilities to meet the rapidly growing demand for EVs.

Caribbean Park is Melbourne’s biggest business hub outside of the CBD and their aim is to provide the latest technology and best facilities for their tenants and visitors. EV charging facilities are an important part of that offering and builds on their recent Climate Active carbon neutral certification – the first Australian suburban office development of scale to achieve this accolade. 

The partnership with ENGIE is supported by infrastructure provider JET Charge and charging network provider Chargefox.  Users can download the Chargefox app to find, use and pay for charging at the tap of a button.

FAQs What is an Electric Vehicle DC charger and how does it work? A: An EV DC charger is a charging station that uses Direct Current (DC) to charge Electric Vehicles (EVs). It delivers a high amount of power to the vehicle’s battery and can charge it in a shorter amount of time than slower AC charging.

What type of DC charger is installed for the customers? A: The charger is a Kempower 100kW EV charger with two satellites and is a high-power DC fast charger designed to quickly charge electric vehicles.

It comes equipped with four charging plugs and allows up to 4 EVs to charge simultaneously. Plugs included one CHAdeMO plug, three CCS2 plugs. The CHAdeMO plug is compatible with electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, while the CCS2 plug is used by Tesla and many European electric vehicles.

Please note: that the 100kW speed is split between the 4 EV bays, so the more cars charging at the same time will split the speed evenly e.g. 2 cars connected will split at 50kW per car.

How many KMs will a 100kw give an EV car in 10 minutes The distance an EV can travel in 10 minutes on a 100 kW charger depends on several factors, including the battery capacity of the vehicle, the current state of charge, and the efficiency of the vehicle.

However, as a rough estimate, a 100 kW charger can provide approximately 60-80 kilometers of range to an electric vehicle in just 10 minutes of charging. This estimation may vary based on factors such as weather conditions, driving style, and the specific make and model of the electric vehicle.

What is the charge rate for the EV DC chargers at Caribbean Park? A: The rate will change with market conditions and current rate will be available on the app.

How long does it take to charge an EV using a DC charger? A: The charging time depends on the battery capacity of the EV, the state of charge. However, most DC chargers can provide up to 80% charge in 30-60 minutes.

How can I use the EV DC chargers at Caribbean Park? A: Users can charge their electric vehicles using the Chargefox mobile app or RFID card. Simply follow the instructions provided on the charger, select the charger on the app, and follow the prompts to initiate the charging process. If you prefer to use the RFID card, hold it against the reader on the charger to begin charging.

What should I do if I have trouble using the EV DC charger? A: If you have trouble using the EV DC charger, you can contact the Chargefox customer support helpline for assistance on 1300 518 038. They can guide you through the charging process or arrange for a technician to help you.

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