The Park


Our commitment to sustainability

  • Caribbean’s enthusiastic approach to sustainability and the environment can be appreciated by the investments already made in the Australian leading “Greenstar” method of development. By following the standards to the letter Caribbean Park’s high quality business park will achieve a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to non Greenstar buildings.
  • Construction of the manmade lake has created a new habitat for many bird and fish species. The lake is populated with trout and platypus while the lake shores and islands have become a sanctuary for a number of bird species including pelicans.
  • Caribbean Park has designated the Caribbean lake and reed bed system as a wildlife corridor therefore ensuring future generations of wildlife continue to have the exchange of population between neighbouring habitats required for a high level of biodiversity.
  • Caribbean Park is a host and sponsor of the “The Kermesse Championships” which highlights the assorted outdoor activities available in the Park. Whether it is biking, various walking tracks or just relaxing in the outdoors Caribbean has a large focus on uniting workers and the outdoor environment.
  • We ensure to re-use a percentage of building materials, to improve the life cycle of our construction.